The pulpit is a prominent and beautiful feature in the church, noted for its craftsmanship and intricate design.

It is made from oak, and raised on a decorated column. It is adorned with intricately carved panels, featuring religious motifs, floral designs, and biblical scenes.

Here are some closeups of two of the pulpit’s wonderfully carved panels. These panels were added in Victorian times, and were created by Bridgeman of Lichfield

The current pulpit is an original feature. Existing records do not reveal where this pulpit came from, but what you see in the church today is one a part of it.

At one time an unusual three-tier pulpit existed in the centre of the aisle, as shown in this photo of about 1870.

The pulpit was dismantled in Victorian times, with only to top tier being kept. This part with its splendid stairs was moved to the side – its present location. 

Also in this photo, you can see the church organ keyboards are not in evidence in their current location at right of the aisle.