Interior Inscriptions

St.Modwen’s Church contains more than 60 plaques and memorials, many of which record details of people and events relevant to the church, the parish, the county and the country. He we present transcriptions of every such object inside the church.

All items are numbered to correspond with Church Interior Map 1.

First World War Memorial Panels

1. To the glory of God and in memory of members of this congregation who gave their lives for their country in the Great War 1914-1919.

World War One Memorial Names
Capt T. Nadin, 5. Notts & Derby
Capt J.M. Stack, 6. N. Staffs
Capt C.C. Thompson, 9. Devons
Lieut Albury Evershed, 6. N. Staffs
Lieut H.S. Marshall, Raf.
2nd Lt T J. Bentley Freeman, R.W.K.R.
2nd Lt P.W.T. Davis, 1. E. Kents
2nd Lt T W.H. Heath, 6. N. Staffs
2nd Lt C.W. White, 5. R. Warwicks
2nd Lt T H.F. Young, RAF.
Q.M.S. J.H. Try, 8. N. Staffs
Sgt B. England, 6. N. Staffs
Sgt G.F. Lakin, M.G.C.
Sgt C. Pepper, 16. Notts & Derby
Sgt W.J. Timms, M.G.C.
Sgt J. Upton, 2. R. Fus.
Sgt J. T. Ward, 1. Sea High RS
Pte D.C.T. Beckett, R.E.
Pte A.E. Bourne, 6. Ox & Bucksl .I.
Pte W. Brentnall, 6. N. Staffs
Pte B.0. Brookes, RE.
Pte J. Castledine, 19. Canadians
Pte F. Chamberlain, RE.
Pte G. Cox, 6. N. Staffs
Pte A.E. Elson, K.R.R.C.
Pte J.H. Ford, 6. N. Staffs
Pte R.A. Ford, RE.
Pte J.W. Gough, 6. N. Staffs
Pte J. Harrison, 6. N. Staffs
Pte S.B. Hodgkins, 6. N. Staffs
Pte H. Langford, 6. N. Staffs
Pte C. Manning, Q. Victoria Rifles
Pte F.J. Manning, 1. W. Yorks
Pte J.W. Mason, 6. N. Staffs
Pte A.E. Mills, A.O.C
Cpl Lg. Dunwell, 5. K. L Pools
Cpl W.R. Hartshorne, 6. N. Staffs
Cpl L. Hawksworth, Staffs. Yeom.
Cpl T.R. Hough, 6. N. Staffs
Cpl E. Leck, R.G.A.
LcCpl T. Bennett, 6. N. Staffs
LcCpl F.L. Berry, 14 R. Warwicks
LcCpl B.F. Christian, 7. E. Surreys
LcCpl F.B. FISHER, 6. Ox & Bucks L.I.
LcCpl S.C. Hallam, 13. N. Fus.
LcCpl W.L. Siddals, 6. N. Fus.
LcCpl L.H. Tooby, 6. N. Staffs
LcCpl A. Walker, 13. N. Fus.
Gunr F.L. Callow, Rf.A.
Gunr J. Teagen, R.G.A.
Pte H.W. Arnold, M.G.C.
Pte W.H. Austin, 5. Dorsets
Pte J. Oakes, 6. N. Staffs
Pte T. Perkins, 6. N. Staffs
Pte G.H. Rayworth, 10. Worcs
Pte J. Roberts, RE.
Pte S. Ross, 6. N. Staffs
Pte C.C.Simnett, 1. N. Staffs
Pte H.F. Simnett, 6. N. Staffs
Pte E.W. Sparrow, 7. RB.
Pte J. Stiff, 1. W. Yorks.
Pte E.F. Talbot, 26. R. Fus.
Pte F. Taylor, Staffs. Yeom
Pte H. Teagen, 5. Notts & Derby
Pte L. Toone, 6. N. Staffs
Pte A.J. Warr, 2. R. Scots
Pte V.H. Whetton, 12. R. Scots
Pte H.J. White, R.A.S.C.
Pte F. Witherow, M.G.C. Canada
Pte W. Witherow, 6. N. Staffs

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